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Copyright (c) 20 April 1998 - David Alan Quick

I see you sleeping there on that beat-up old couch
Getting the rest that you've needed so badly
And I cannot help but sit and gaze at your beautiful face
Because that has become my solace place

The couch is not the four-poster bed that I desire for you
And the blanket's torn and tattered beyond belief
But your presence makes it better, the fall of your long, brown hair,
I have found my solace there

For all the years of my life I've been searching long
For the someone who would make my life complete
And I've finally found that someone living there, in your eyes
You've brought me a solace that will tell no lies

So thank you for the joy that you have taught me to see
No matter where the Fates may have us sleep
For with you, I know that everything will be okay
In the solace of this brand new day