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This tutorial teaches the entire C programming language. I've written this in order to help pass the knowledge that I've collected over the years on to the next generation of young people who want to live in this crazy world we call the 'Net...

If you go through this tutorial in order, you'll more than likely find that you will be able to program extremely proficiently in C on any ANSI-C compliant compiler, making you both more knowledgeable and more employable...and those are both really good things...=)

If you have any questions as you go through it, email me, and I'll do my best to clarify. All the information is here, in one big lump, so you can go through this as fast as your mind will take you...and then move on to other things...

And thanks for beta testing this tutorial, David...if this does well for you, I'll release it for other people to use and abuse, and who knows, you and I might bring about the next Renaissance Age...LOL

Version 1.0b - 15 April 1998

Chapter 1 - Getting Started
Chapter 2 - Program Structure
Chapter 3 - Program Control
Chapter 4 - Assignment & Logical Compare
Chapter 5 - Functions, Variables, & Prototyping
Chapter 6 - The C Preprocessor
Chapter 7 - Strings and Arrays
Chapter 8 - Pointers
Chapter 9 - Standard Input/Output
Chapter 10 - File Input/Output
Chapter 11 - Structures
Chapter 12 - Dynamic Allocation
Chapter 13 - Character and Bit Manipulation

Copyright © 1998 David Alan Quick - Last update, 15 April 1998
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