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Without programming, web pages and sites have a flat, static appearance, and are not much more involved than a standard printed brochure. With such new technologies as Java, DHTML, JavaScript, Active Server pages, ActiveX controls, Cold Fusion, and Cascading Style Sheets, the Web has taken on a whole new level of dynamic interactivity.

Some examples of my work in these fields include this site, which uses both Cascading Style Sheets and DHTML positioning and layout. By using these new features, I have been able to design my web site to look and act exactly the way I want for users of HTML4-compliant browsers, without sacrificing speed or integrity on older browsers and systems.

To examine some of my JavaScript coding, feel free to examine the source code of my Search Engine Site, which combines many of the most popular Web search engines into a single, easy-to-use interface, eliminating the need to visit many individual search engines. The entire site operates off of JavaScript 1.2 and its ability to process and handle HTML forms.

Other programming examples, including my Perl and C/C++ programming, are available upon request, by emailing me at

I also have written a C Programming Tutorial, and a more advanced C++ Programming Tutorial, to help young programmers get a hold on these two widely used languages. I believe that without passing on the information that we ourselves have been given over the years, we can never expect innovation to continue beyond the levels we are currently at.