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Okay, so maybe some of you out there in the Ether think that this section should be called "Unearthed Arcana" or some such. In a world where hundreds of 24/7 cable stations vie for our attentions, and the 'Net offers us the instant gratification of information on demand, reading certainly seems to be turning into a pasttime reserved for old-timers and eccentrics. Well, that is quite unfortunate, since I firmly believe that an evening spent with a musty old book (or a pristine new one, for that matter) is an evening quite well spent, no matter who you are.

So I dedicate this section to the old days, before the 'Net and Time Warner Cable, before VCRs and radio, when entertainment consisted of reading, skipping rocks, and watching sunsets. May we someday find our way back...

Let's start off with a series of books that, in my humble opinion, could save the world from itself, if only everyone would read them: The "Callahan's" series, by Spider Robinson. Written as a collection of stories centered around a small, hard-to-find bar on Long Island, all of life's problems are summed up by a group of friends that hang out there, as "shared pain is lessened, shared joy is increased". And, by following this credo, they manage to not only save each other and themselves from themselves, but they have a good time doing it, and save the world in the process. Sounds good? Then check out Callahan's Crosstime Saloon , Time Travellers Strictly Cash , Callahan's Secret, Callahan's Lady , Lady Slings The Booze , Callahan's Legacy. You won't be disappointed. You can also check out #callahans on IRC, or the alt.callahans newsgroup, to find other like-minded individuals...

I also read a lot of science fiction - A LOT. Being a programmer/geek, I find that by reading carefully selected SF authors, I can very often get glimpses of future technologies. Authors like William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, and Neal Stephenson help shape technology with their fertile imaginations, creating images so vivid, geeks like me just have to make them come true. And the Old Master himself, Dr. Isaac Asimov, wrote so prolifically and so well, that I actually spent an entire week, sick in bed, reading nothing but his work...=)

Now, if you're in the mood for something more along poetic lines, check out my soul mate's homepage, which holds both some of the most incredible poetry ever written (although I may be biased, it's true...), and some links to other very talented poets...check it out!

Or, you can just go search the new Electronic Barnes & Noble site for that book you've been looking for...go ahead, and you can order online!
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